ECL Labels & IRCs

Make the most of your packaging space with Extended Content Labels expanded booklet labels & Instant Redeemable Coupon Labels

extended content labels

What are onsert expanded booklet or extended content labels (ECL)?

An onsert label can be a multi-page booklet or loose, folded outsert applied by machine to a pressure sensitive label on a package, or a booklet covered by a self-adhesive, laminated label with a resealable tab. It’s ideal for displaying large amounts of information in a compact space and is often used for pharmaceutical labels, which are required to have regulatory and safety information in multiple languages. Extended content labels provide an integrated, secure and user-friendly option that can also be used as a marketing tool, creating additional space for promotions or graphics.

What are the benefits of ECL labels?

Space saving

Multi-panel construction provides extra space and saves printing additional separate labels.

Countless options

An incredible array of colors, materials and adhesives are available, in addition to special options like foil, scent, easy-open, resealable and removable.


Onsert labels can be placed on extremely small or uniquely shaped items.


Extreme temperature adhesives were created for freezer or high-heat applications.

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