Shrink Sleeves

Every brand-manager’s dream come true: create striking packaging with shrink sleeves.

What is shrink sleeve packaging?

Shrink sleeve packaging is a durable and tamper-resistant option popular with brand managers for its full-color 360-degree product decoration. Printed on either PPrinted on PET, PET G, OPS or PVC, this packaging allows artwork to shine regardless of packaging shape.

What are the benefits of shrink sleeve packaging?


Full color artwork and branding will stay intact regardless of container size or shape, allowing for limitless creativity.

Tamper evident

Tamper-evident bands make it easy to identify any pre-opened packages, offering peace of mind to consumers and eliminating food and drug safety risks.


Enhance your brands with specialty inks & finishes (Matte, textured, Raised, Holographic foils & Optical Brighteners)


Sub Surface-printed labels keep ink safe under clear film, meaning graphics & brands are protected from scuffing and fading.


Availability of recyclable shrink sleeve Film that can be recycled with container.

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