Base Wrap

Base wrap maximizes your visibility anywhere, anytime and with minimum installation effort. 

What is base wrap?

Base wrap is the easiest way to optimize unused display space, elevating this otherwise dead space and extending your brand image and promotional messaging in retail. It improves brand visibility and creates a more cohesive aesthetic across displays and campaign elements. Base wrap adds high-quality graphic images to pallets and stacked product bases and can be used as in-store signage and banners.
base wrap
base wrap

What are the benefits of base wrap?

Tons of applications

Base wrap is a perfect choice for carton stacks, pallet wraps, end caps, counter and column wraps, wallpaper, backdrops and awnings.

Retail friendly

It’s cost-effective and budget-friendly, easy to install and can quickly be switched out at the store level.


Numerous embellishments and special effects are possible, including raised UV, cold foil, glitter and more.


Quick production turnaround means short lead times.

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