Reseal Packaging

Fresh is best, so why let food spoil? Lidding film lets consumers get their money’s worth while keeping products tasting great for as long as possible.
reseal packaging

What is Reseal Packaging?

Lidding films, made from extrusion coated Foil / Film and Paper / Film. Foil Laminates are commonly used to seal and protect Products such as Food, Meat and Diary. Great marketing platform for Brand Recognition.
reseal packaging

What are the benefits of LIDDING FILM PACKAGING??

Multi-use: Peel & Reseal Lidding

Film designed for rigid and semi rigid trays and cups. Multi use Peel & Re seal application ensures safe storage and product freshness.

Reduce food waste

Peel & Reseal film with high barrier material specifications available that can keep food on the Go and Prepared Foods Fresher & longer eliminating wastage.

Competetive advantage

Roll printed film converted on our wide web press removes any constraints on open pack size and directly runs on Fill / Seal packaging machines.

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